Bincai Introduction
  Dean's Message
  Staff Introduction
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In fitting with the upsurge of students going to China to study Chinese and experience the Chinese culture, Bincai Chinese Language Institute was founded in 2006. The institute makes up one of the core components of the Bincai Foreign Language College. Established at in 1994, the college has a good reputation for its original teaching style, superior teaching environment and its management system . It consists of a Japanese Institute, English Institute, Chinese Language Institute, Korean Institute and International Students Assistance Institute.
Being versatile and with a devoted teaching faculty, Bincai chinese language institute is a learning institution in line with the education guidelines. Overseas students from 20 countries and regions have studied here. It breaks away from the traditional teaching model, and has a mature and efficient teaching methodology. It simulates real life scenes and offers a series of teaching methods to assist the student to learn Chinese with ease. Bincai chinese language college offers small classes, multi-media teaching, and flexible timetable choices. Bincai offers students every opportunity to achieve success with their chinese learning!
   The Dean’s Message
In recent years there has been an explosion of interest on China and in studying mandarin chinese. If you consider learning the Chinese language or improving your Chinese language skills, the optimal way is to study chinese in China to experience Chinese culture and language. Also, with China becoming more important on the global economic markets, it’s the time to learn Chinese!
We welcome people of all cultural backgrounds to learn Chinese in our college. Wish you have a good study time in our college. If getting into any difficulties, you can ask our help and it's our pleasure to give students whatever help we can!