Introduction of Harbin
Harbin - the capital of Heilongjiang Province, the largest city in the northeastern region,has Largest area and second largest population in Provincial cities of China .
Special historical process and the geographical location of Harbin create beautiful and exotic. It is not only a renowned history and culture of northern ethnic minorities, but a happy combination of Chinese and foreign cultures.It is China's famous historical, cultural and tourist city, called as "the North Bards“, “Pearl of Swan’s Neck", "Oriental Moscow", " Oriental Little Paris“ and "Bards summer".
Harbin is in the center of Northeast Asia Economic Circle, the largest city on the border belt which is openning to abroad. Beginning from 1990, Harbin has holden 18 sessions for the " China Harbin Fair For Trade And Economic Cooperation”, which has become an important bridge and window with world-oriented, especially for Russia, other CIS countries, Eastern Europe and other countries in trade, economic and technological cooperation .It is becoming to the international Expo.
Ice and snow art began from the early of 60’s, it is developed on the simple traditional folk art form. It is based on landscape art,takes architecture and sculpture as performance art practices, uses the lighting of the electricity light as the sourse to make a variety of ice features. The second half of the last century, Harbin Ice has gradually developed into representative ice and snow cultural arts. Since 1985, the beginning of the "Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival", has been held 14 sessions and become the garden of Ice art, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit.
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