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   Teacher introduction

      In the Bincai Chinese language institute, teachers are in high-quality professional, and experienced. Their profound
      cultural background can make students deeply understand Chinese history and culture.

      Full-time teachers are mainly trained by our collgege and       have been working for many years. The majority of       part-time teachers work at the local universities with much       experience in teaching. The teachers will hold a meeting       every week to exchange experience with each other.

      The teachers have the profundity of the knowledge such as       the linguistics, literature, history, philosophy, economics       and social sciences to help students understand chinese       language and culture. Many students allow them to be the       leading teachers in the similar colleges. Their teaching       ideas are flexible and unique, and the methods are       innovative and varied according to the students’       characteristics.The most appropriate teaching method       guarantee that students can learn Chinese in a happy and       relaxed atmosphere.