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  Staff introduction
Du Bin-jie Chief school
Ms. Du mainly responsible for teaching management and class arrangement in our institute. Because of her kindness, consideration, and strictness, foreign students usually consider her as a family leader. She takes care of all aspects of foreign students’ daily lives. At the same time , she strongly encourges and monitors student study.
Anastasia Mikhaylova Chief of shool
Ms.Mikhaylova is a Russia staff member in our college. He focuses on Bincai’s strategy plan and marketing. His main task is to develop and promote Bincai’s marketing materials and promote the name of Bincai thoughout China and acrpss the world.
Li Xiao-qin Programmer
Mr. Li is responsible for network maintance, collecting students’ files, monitoring the HSK self-test system and assisting with preparing learning profiles. In our college, he is known affectionately as “Xiao Li”.
Xie De-yu In charge of visa
Ms. Xie is responsible to for arranging visas and visa extensions for the Bincai students. This is a detailed process inving many different steps and Ms. Xie monitors this process for the Bincai students. In addition she is responsible for arranging and handling all of the relevant supporting documents such as student ID cards, class attendance cards, and study certifiicates etc.
Zou Rui-lin Office Clerk
Ms. Zou is the the project manager responsible for sending chinese teachers abroad. She offers consultation and assistance to people who are interested in teaching chinese abroad. In addition she is responsible for the Bincai student apartments.
Li Xiao Yan/He Ying Lin
Ms. Li is in charge of the reception, consultation, and for for dealing with all phone enquiries. With well-spoken english, she can communicate with students, who can’t speak chinese and deal with all of their enquiries. Ms.He is responsible for arranging tutorials and establishing the chinese teachers’ training course. She offers consultation and assists students and tutors to arrange their schedules.