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   Classes and Scheduling

      In addition to the qualified teaching staff at the school, there are also lessons with tutors available free of charge. The       majority of the tutors are local university students who have an interest in teaching their wonderful language to
      non-native speakers, tutors are available as follows:
      This free service is a good way to perfect student's       pronunciation, assist with homework, revise previous       lessons, and often also acts as a cultural exchange       between the tutors and the students, giving both sides       insights to others cultures, and sometimes their own. To       improve the quality of tutorials, the College has formulated       the following appointment system, and hopes students will:
      1、Students must book tutorial personally.
      2、Students must book the time and the lesson of the next tutorial one day in advance. Please confirm time and lesson             before signing.
      3、If tutorials requested are fully booked,the student can book another course.
      4、If students want to cancel the class, they need personally to take the attendance card to the institute. A phone call or             another person is not acceptable.
      5、If students are 10 minutes late and call the college, the class will not be canceled.
      6、If students are more than 20 minutes late or cancel that day’s tutorial, the college will cancel your qualification for             the next week tutorials.
      7、If the students are absent without reason, the college will cancel your qualification for booking the next four weeks             tutorials.
      8、If you are late three times in a month, the college will cancel your qualification for booking the next month tutorials.