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To help students learn Chinese, test their Chinese level, and achieve better result in Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK), the college has developed the HSK self-test system in the multi-media classroom on the 4th floor. To help regulate the use of system, the college has formulated the following rules, and hopes students will abide by them:
HSK self-test system Regulation:
1.Students using the system are given an attendance card that they require to access the classroom. Studying takes place during the HSK study period.
2.Students who do not have their cards to access the system will be fined RMB 200.
3.The copyright of the system belongs to Bincai Chinese Language College. Students will hold legal responsibility if they
copy, damage, or delete the files on the computers.
4.Students should be silent and not bother other students and the classes on the 4th floor while they are in the multi-media &room.
5.Students should not destroy the public facilities. Students are not allowed to connect the computer with USB or MP3 devices.
6.The computer can not be used to access the internet and students are not allowed to use the computer to carry out personal business.
7.Students should take care of their belongings in order to avoid unnecessary loss.
8.After students have finished their course, they can no longer access the system.
9.When students violate the rules of the HSK self test system they will be fined accordingly.
10.The multi-media classroom is open everyday from: 08:30 AM~5:30 PM.