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   Welcome to Bincai chinese college!
It is the best choice for you to study standard chinese!

  What I can do for you!

  1. The college can help students with the visa extension       and alteration.
  2. We can send you the JW202 form to help students       deal with a visa.
  3. The 1:1 free tutor can solve your questions       immediately.
  4. We provide apartments near our college to students.
  5. If you have any private questions, we can offer our       help and it is our pleasure to do that for you!
  Our features are as follows:
  1. Harbin has the excellent language environment, and it is one of the most standard mandarin cities.
  2. Comparing with other schools in different cities, we have the low study fee and the living cost.
  3. The classrooms are well equipped with computers for students to access the internet.
  4. Original HSK self-test system, it is helpful for students to achieve good results in the examination.
  5. Our college lies in the centre of Harbin, and the transportation is convenient. In front of our college, there are 15 bus lines       to pass, many banks, the supermarket, the hospital, the bookstore, the hotel, the gymnasium etc.