Harbin Summer International Beer Festival
Harbin is the first city to brew beer in China, with 108 years practice in brewing techniques. It is is also the second hight beer consumption in the world! In Harbin, beer is not only a kind of beverage, but an established way to make new friends and relax with old ones, and a social custom. The city launched the first annual international beer festival in 2002.The festival is held in late August of every year in Central Street. During the festival, thousands of people go to Central Street every night to enjoy the delicious beer and share in the festivities.
A whole public square is cordoned off and there are stages that host music concerts and dance contests. Most of the beer drunk is the local Harbin brew, but there is a tent for international beers. Many top beer manufacturers, such as Germany, the United States, Denmark
 and Japan, as well as China, are taking part in the festival.