Harbin, founded in 1897, is located at the southwest of Heilongjiang province between 4545' north latitude and 12638' east longitude. Its geographic feature is low and plain, with average altitude of 150 to 200 meters. Continental climate is popular with long winter and short summer. It is a major city in the north of China and capital of Heilongjiang Province. Harbin attracts visitors year-round, especially in winter, when it hosts the famous Ice and Snow Festival. The winter is the best time to come as it's the town's most festive time of year. The festival now covers most of the city and features some truly outstanding ice and snow sculptures.
Harbin is a highly favored destination to learn chinese for two main reasons: First: the Harbin people speak the most standard mandarin in china. Second: The cost of living is relatively low contrast with other big cities such as Beijing、Shanghai etc. So, Harbin is the best choice for you to learn chinese!