The first Steel Tower of Asia --- Dragon Tower
The Dragon Tower---the broadcasting television tower of Heilongjiang Province, is located in the high and new technology development zone of Harbin. The first steel tower of Asia is 336 meters high, like a dazzling jewel inlaid on the earth of Longjiang.
The dragon collects many kinds of comprehensive functions,including the transmission of television of radio in the tower, go sightseeing, food and beverage amusement, scientific and technological paradise, wireless communication, environmental meteorological observation and monitoring,etc. , and become new significant view of Harbin, well-known city of northern part of the country, that has enjoyed the reputation of "eastern Moscow " . Scientific and technological paradise behaviour area is located intower flat basement and tower 2 , roam leisurely on Hi-Tech and front line science world with glamour space limitless, let you enjoy oneself so much as to forget to go home; MTV photography recording canopy will help you to realize the colored star's dream ; Ten thousands of square meters share space, reach richly spacious and lightly, transparent and make eyes comfortable; the transparent lift on tower turns on the domestic beginning; Arrive 181- metre-high visit layer, gaze far into the distance everything , step on transparent glass fibre reinforced plastic floor just like strolling among the clouds ; 185-meter-high revolving restaurant, adopts the domestic first getting straggly platform, view and food &beverage melting each other, bring up the new concept of food and beverage of port of Harbin; Dragon advertising exhibition locating inside and outside of the tower, show corporate image, " gold stage" of enterprise promoting product sales.In addition, the Dragon Tower is the best place that travel and shopping, recreation getting happy, the recreation square of the Dragon Tower is the new developing pleasant world in the city.